Bargain Box Grant

Purpose & Eligibility

Concerns later followed by lockdown restrictions in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic required the temporary closure of the Westray Bargain Box as of 16th March 2020. It is recognised that as a result the ability of Westray’s community groups to fundraise has been severely restricted. This poses particular difficulty for community groups with ongoing costs they are required to finance. Examples of ongoing costs include but are not limited to staff wages, insurance, or utility bills.

The average amount fundraised by a community group in a Bargain Box week (2 days) has been calculated to be £260, therefore that is the maximum amount a group can apply for in this grant. If your group needs more than £260 you can apply for a community grant in the normal way. The community grants are evaluated by the Project Evaluation Group before being submitted to the WDT Board so take slightly longer.  

Westray community groups who are on the current Bargain Box rota affected by its closure can apply for this grant.  Applications should be submitted by a committee member of the community group who is able to act as a key contact for communication with WDT. 

Only groups who can evidence ongoing costs are eligible. Evidence could be a copy of the group’s accounts (detailing regular outgoings). 

If you have an questions or need advice on completing an application form please contact

Bargain Box Grant Application – Word Format

Bargain Box Grant Application – PDF Format

You can find information on applying for a Community Grant by; clicking in the ‘Community Turbine: Grants & Loans’ tab followed by ‘Community, Entertainment & Education Grant Forms’. 


Drop-In Session at the Hofn on Wednesday 13th February 6pm to 8pm.

We would like to use this opportunity to promote collaboration between WDT and other community groups and individuals on island projects. We would like to invite anyone with any questions regarding the grant application and award process to come along and speak to a member of staff who will be there to provide any information you may require. If you have a project idea and want to know if WDT can help you achieve it; come along and have a chat with us. Additionally, if you have any other queries about the Trust, please feel free to pop along and make enquiries. There will be tea, coffee and home bakes! The new plans for the Bargain Box will also be available to view.

Become a Member – Application Forms

Members of Westray Development Trust get a say in what we do. Active voting members help shape Trust objectives, agendas and projects, allowing them to actively participate in the development of their community.

Membership Eligibility;

  • Over 18 years old
  • Resident of Westray
  • Supports the objectives of WDT

Membership is free, quick and easy. Just fill in the application form below and return it to the Westray Development Trust Office. Either by email or drop it by the Office at Unit 1, Quarry Road, Pierowall, Westray.

WDT Membership Application Form

Quarry Development and Operation – Invitation to Tender

1 – request for tenders

 Invitation to Tender

Westray Development Trust (the ‘company’) invites tenders for the above contract, as detailed below.  This tender relates to the development and operation of Westray Community Quarry, Westray. (Figure 1 refers)

Any potential tenderer is strongly encouraged to conduct a site visit; tenderers should satisfy themselves that they are fully informed in relation to access limitations, to the Island of Westray and from the Westside Road, B9067, as well as ground conditions on site.  Site visits shall be by prior arrangement with the Company.

Expression of Interest

The Company requests that Expressions of Interest be submitted to Mr Andy Makin, WDT in the first instance, detailing quarrying experience

Pre-tender consultation is encouraged, prior to making a formal tender submission.

Expressions of interest should be received by the company no later than noon on 25th May 2018

Tender Submission

This tender is for the provision of two phases of works:

  • Initially site preparatory works, comprising track upgrade and establishment of a stockpile area and quarry access and
  • Secondly the operation of the quarry, on a campaign basis.

There is no prescribed format for tender submissions, electronic submissions via email are preferred.

Please submit costings as noted below, accompanied by a narrative text, presenting as complete a submission as possible and as a minimum to include the key points highlighted in bold in the accompanying Safety, Health and Environmental Conditions and Scope of Works for each phase.

Please submit costings for the preparatory works as a lump sum and a figure for production as further detailed below, per campaign.

Any queries on this invitation should be addressed to Andy Makin, WDT, in the first instance.

Tenders should be received by the company no later than noon on 15th June 2018

This tender is for site establishment and an initial operational campaign; the contract may then be renewed for further operational campaigns without further tendering, at the Company’s discretion.

N.B. the total anticipated duration of quarrying operations is 20 years at an average production of around 4,000tpa, to be worked on a campaign basis. The number and duration of each campaign is not fixed and shall therefore be by prior agreement with the Company.

Stockpile capacity will however be limited, tenders should be based on a production of 10,000 tonnes saleable aggregate per campaign.

It should be noted that quarrying operations are likely to be restricted by planning condition so as avoided during the bird breeding season, April to July inclusive.

For the avoidance of doubt the contract does not include despatch/distribution of products from the quarry.

Any assumptions, variations (exceptions and/or exclusions) should be clearly stated on the tender submission.


Tenderers are required to submit full method statements, for the Company’s approval prior to the commencement of works.  Method statement(s) should include reference to any requirements for CQA (Construction Quality Assurance) and compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) and the Quarry Regulations 1999 (as amended).

It is ultimately the contractor’s responsibility to establish the presence of any utilities within influencing distance of the works, whether overhead or buried.  An agricultural water supply is known to cross the site which will require to be re-routed, no other utilities are recorded.

Any damage to field drainage during track upgrade shall be made good.

The contractor is required to hold all relevant qualifications and insurances, evidence of insurance cover will be required and must be maintained throughout the contract term. Personnel shall be competent this must be supported by the appropriate licence/certification for the operation of any equipment/plant being used.

Only authorised vehicles shall enter private land. There shall be NO unnecessary vehicles on private land. Once agreed, all accesses will be adhered to.

Safety Health and Environmental considerations must be detailed prior to commencement of works, including a site drainage plan to include the following:

  • All storage of oil and fuel will be in accordance with the Water Environment (Oil Storage) (Scotland) Regulations 2006. All oil and fuel containers will be placed in suitable containment double bunded sites, with impervious bases, located away from watercourses or drainage paths. The bunded volume will be at least 110% of the storage container.
  • Large-scale storage of fuel will not be required or permitted on site.
  • Any re-fuelling will be carried out where practical off-site and a minimum of 30 m away from watercourses. Any on site re-fuelling shall utilise appropriate containers and funnels to avoid spills.
  • Any hydrocarbon spillages should be attended to without delay and reported to SEPA, the Company and the landowner(s). Oil absorbents (boom and/or loose) to be held on site, to contain contaminants in the event of a watercourse pollution incident occurring.
  • Emergency spill-response kits should be available on site.

3 – scope of quarry operations

  1. Track 1 – This is illustrated on the accompanying drawing (Figure2SiteLayoutV1). Track 1 runs from the WDT track on a north-south alignment and is in private ownership.  Fencing shall remain the responsibility of the landowner, however any damage caused as a result of site preparatory works shall be made good to the satisfaction of the Company and the landowner.  A pre-works visual survey (with agreed note/annotated drawing/ photographs) is therefore strongly recommended.

Reinstate each end of this track so as to be suitable for use by heavy plant, using crushed bottoming to a minimum depth of 200mm with a blinded surface. The remainder of this track is deemed suitable (refer to item 1).

Materials may be won from the quarry or imported to site, the tenderer should specify their approach.

  1. Track 2 – This is illustrated on the accompanying drawing (Figure2SiteLayoutV1). Track 2 runs from Track 1, westward to the quarry site and is in private ownership.  Fencing shall remain the responsibility of the landowner, however any damage caused as a result of site preparatory works shall be made good to the satisfaction of the Company and the landowner.  A pre-works visual survey (with agreed note/annotated drawing/photographs) is therefore strongly recommended.

To scrape to suitable firm foundation, lay suitable terram (or equivalent) geotextile material for its full length and width, lay 200mm of crushed bottoming with a blinded surface.

At the junction between Tracks 1 and 2 to create a turning circle suitable for quarry plant, as necessary to facilitate access to the quarry and to make good the fence line, strainers and gates.

Materials may be won from the quarry or imported to site, the tenderer should specify their approach.

  1. To create two perimeter fences, around the quarry and stockpile sites (Figure 3 refers) with stockproof post and wire fencing – 800mm high shire mesh topped with 2 rows of mild steel double strand barbed wire. Distance between fence posts 3m. Strainers as required but no more than 50m apart. The total length of fencing required, i.e. the total combined perimeter of the two areas is 940m (Quarry area 585m perimeter, Stockpile area 355m perimeter).

Each separate compound is to have a double 16ft gate at the trackside with suitable means of securing and locking the gates.  These should be positioned so as to form a secure crossing area between the quarry and stockpile area when operational, closing to ensure there is no impediment to access for stock and vehicles, on the existing estate track.

Quarry fencing shall include signage in accordance with good practice to warn of ‘deep excavation’.

Alignment is indicative; any adjustment reducing the fenced area (and length required) may be by mutual agreement with the Company.

  1. Prepare the stockpile area (Figure2SiteLayoutV1 refers). Establish site drainage, including a low peripheral bund to contain the stockpile area and an external blind catch ditch. Strip to competent foundation, lay free-draining hardcore/aggregate.

Materials may be won from the quarry or imported to site, the tenderer should specify their approach.

  1. Quarry Development Plans are provided for reference.

A low peripheral bund shall be formed within the fenced quarry area, in order to divert surface flows around the operational area (not shown).  The quarry floor shall be graded to drain at a minimum of 1:200 to ensure no ponding of water, directing incident rainfall to the northernmost corner and a sump/swale as necessary.

The initial working area will be to the east-north-east of the quarry.

Operations shall progress towards the south-west.

No requirement for blasting is envisaged, it is anticipated that the rock at this location may be ripped.

N.B. 4 Phases are illustrated, each equivalent to 2 campaigns each producing 10,000t.

At the completion of each campaign the quarry must be left in a safe and stable condition as required by the Quarry Regulations.

  1. To operate the quarry on a campaign basis, in accordance with the attached development plans, with the aim of producing the following aggregate products:
  • Crushed Bottoming of <75mm
  • Concrete chips of 20mm-10mm
  • Road dressing chips of 10mm
  • Type 1
  • Fine Blinding

It is anticipated that each campaign will recover 10,000 tonnes of saleable aggregate.

Tenderers should refer to thegeological survey report for the quarry site (Available on Request), and are expected to provide an estimate of the percentages of each product from the anticipated available stone.

Anticipated campaign duration should be stated, together with assumed working hours.



Defining Westray’s Housing Needs

Westray Development Trust has for some time been looking into housing need on Westray. This work included engaging with the Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust which sent a representative to the island during regatta weekend 2016 to carry out consultation with the community. The results of this work suggested that there is some need for housing on the island and we used this to look at some development options.

However, before the Trust proceeds with the purchase of any properties or land, it needs to get the definitive answer on the actual demand and type of property requirement. Therefore, we have devised a short questionnaire which is available online at , via links on the Westray Facebook page or in paper form from the office if you’d prefer. The survey results will give us the information we need in order to make a decision on whether to proceed or not.

We thought it would be helpful to explain what we consider to be a housing need. We would suggest that a housing need is anyone who may already be housed but who also has a desire to move out of their current home for any number of reasons. These reasons could include, but not limited to:

  • A young person or couple wanting to move out of the family home or set up their first home together
  • An older person or couple who want to downsize to a more manageable, adaptable home
  • A person currently living in sub-standard accommodation
  • A person or family wanting to move back to Westray but is struggling to find suitable accommodation
  • A family wanting to move into a larger home

We would be very grateful if you could take the time to complete this questionnaire and/or pass it on to anyone that you know might have a housing need now (or in future) including family members and friends who currently live elsewhere but would be looking to move to Westray. Please be assured that your answers will be treated with strictest confidence and any public access to the answers will be limited to collective, anonymous results.

We recognise that everyone’s need will vary and therefore if you wish to speak to the Trust in regards to your own, individual requirement for housing, please get in touch to make an appointment. We are contactable:

9am until 4pm, Monday to Friday on 01857 677858;

Or through email: general enquiries to or direct to Andy, Operations Manager on;

Or drop in to the office at Quarry Road during office hours;

Or send us a message on Facebook/Messenger –

We would be delighted if you could provide us with your responses before 5pm on 23rd February so that we can review the responses and make a decision at the next Board meeting (6th March) on if/how to proceed with the project. If you need more information please get in touch as above.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Housing Project

Shane Scott, the architect working with the Trust will be visiting Westray on Wednesday 20th December and will be available for a discussion from 10-5 in the Hofn. If you have an interest in the housing project, then please drop in at any time. If you would prefer a private meeting with Shane or the Trust, please let us know.

Employment Opportunity (Maternity Cover)

Administration and Finance Officer (Maternity Cover – Minimum 18 months)

Salary Range £22,000 – £25,593 (Negotiable depending on experience and skills)

Hours – Full-time working normal office hours with some out of hours meetings

Likely Start Date – Late February 2018

The aim of Westray Development Trust is to develop the economic, social and cultural sustainability of our community by harnessing the quality of our resources, people and island environment.

Responsible for providing an high level of financial and office administrative support for Westray Development Trust (WDT) and its wholly owned trading subsidiary, Westray Renewable Energy Ltd (WRE) the Admin and Finance Officer’s main duties include:

  • All tasks relating to payroll through the Sage system
  • Provide advice to the board on matters of governance and to implement procedures to ensure that there is good governance within the organisation e.g. compliance with charity and company law as appropriate.
  • Record, collate, review, analyse and distribute financial reports and information to directors, Financial Sub Group and Operations Manager to enable them to monitor the financial performance of the organisation and the projects it is progressing.
  • Provide the financial information required for inclusion in the business plans for any projects being considered by the Trust.

For more information including an informal discussion about the role, the full job specification or an application form please contact Andy Makin (Operations Manager) on 01857 677858 or

Closing Date for applications will be noon on 12th January 2018 with interviews likely be the week commencing 22nd January 2018.

Westray Housing Needs

The Trust is continuing to explore the Housing Need of Westray and at present we area inviting tenders to assess two potential plots of land and a vacant property for their development suitability. The costs of this tender will form part of an application to the Island Housing Fund and if successful will lead on to a full application for development assistance.

If you have a housing need, or perhaps can predict one in the near future please contact the Trust office on 01857 677858