FundingCommunity Turbine Funds Application Forms

We have redesigned our Grant Application Forms so it is easier for applicants to meet our application assessment needs.

Additional questions have also been included so that the Trust can better understand and monitor; the types of projects the Westray community pursue, the impacts of these projects and the extent to which WDT is meeting its charitable objectives by supporting these projects.

Please read the Guidance Notes and Project Evaluation Policy to help you fill in the application forms to ensure you are aware of what the WDT application review is looking for. If you need any further assistance please contact the office.

It is important to note that WDT will not accept retrospective applications.


    Community, Entertainment & Investment Budget Grants


    Education & Training Grants


    Community Funding – Policy & Processes
    General Grant Application Guidance
    Terms and Conditions of Grant

Project Review

At the end of your project, you will be emailed a Project Review Form. This form will be personalised to your project. The link below shows a basic outline of this form so you can have an idea of the questions and layout. The form will ask you to reflect on your project; what went well, what didn’t and any advice you would pass on to future applicants doing similar projects.