FundingCommunity, Development and Entertainment Grant Schemes: Application Form

    Section 1: About You

    Section 2: About your Organisation

    Section 3: About your Project

    Section 4: Funding


    Section 5: Charitable Objectives

    Which of Westray Development Trust’s charitable objectives will your project contribute to? (You can choose one or more)

    Section 6: Answering a Need

    Section 7: Impacts

    Section 8: Project Viability

    At the end of your project you will be required to complete and return a 'Project Review Form'. This will be emailed to you. In this form you will be asked to reflect on how your project went and reflect on the answers you have given in this application form.

    You will also be asked to send a minimum of one photograph or a maximum of five photographs of your project for the Trust’s publicity if appropriate.

    By completing this form and submitting it to Westray Development Trust (WDT) you are consenting for this form and the data within to be processed and stored by WDT in order for WDT to fulfil its functions as a community development trust. You are also consenting to receive communications from Westray Development Trust. Under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 you can request to see any data held on you at any time, simply get in touch with WDT office at