FundingCommunity, Development and Entertainment Grant Schemes: Application Form

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Section 1: About You

Section 2: About your Organisation

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Section 3: About your Project

Your project title must clearly describe what your project is. The title you give your project will be the title used in Westray Development Trust publicity, and so needs to be clear for the community to understand how community funds are being spent. 
Applying for
To be eligible for any Westray Development Trust Grant your project must have a direct benefit to Westray community members and contribute to the charitable objectives of the Trust (see Section 5).
The Trust will use this date as the basis on which we will send you a ‘Project Review Form’
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Section 4: Funding

Please give as much detail as you can in a breakdown of the total costs of your project. Please include all costs, not just the costs for which you are applying for funding from WDT. Where possible attach copies of quotes to support your application, if your costings are estimated please explain why.
State the % of costs you have secured other funding for (whether from your own funds or other sources). Please remember that you will need to secure a minimum of 20% of funding from another source for the Community Grant. This % does not need to be confirmed at the time of your WDT application but you need to show you are making efforts to secure the funds.
Please provide a full breakdown of the funding you have already secured or applied for and what the sources of this funding are (other grants, fundraising, personal contributions etc.). If you have made a clear effort to research and source other funding (including fundraising and personal contributions by you or your organisation) your application will score highly. Therefore even if you have applied for funding from other sources and been unsuccessful you should still include this information. If you have made no attempt to research other funding sources your application will not score highly in this section.

Section 5: Charitable Objectives

Westray Development Trust has nine charitable objectives as you can see outlined in the application form. Please tick the box for any and all objectives your project will contribute to. For your application to be considered you must have at least one relevant objective.  

Section 6: Answering a Need

Are there any particular groups on the island who will benefit from your project? Or will it benefit the community as a whole? For example the play park benefitted children and families by providing facilities for play. It also assisted in boosting the appeal of Westray for young families visiting or looking to move here, benefitting the community as a whole.   
Outputs refer to the direct, measurable results of your project while outcomes refer to the wider story and wider benefits from the outputs. For example, if you applied for funding for students to have a field-trip to France, outputs of this project would be that 10 students visited France. In France all 10 visited historical sites, museums, art galleries and interacted with French individuals. The outcomes of this could be; increased cultural awareness, strengthened French language skills, improved knowledge of French history, improved team-working and independence skills etc. In this section you must clearly state the aims of your project and the potential wider impacts. The clearer you are on how your project will positively impact Westray residents the higher your application will score.

Section 8: Project Viability

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    At the end of your project you will be required to complete and return a ‘Project Review Form’. This will be emailed to you. In this form you will be asked to reflect on how your project went and reflect on the answers you have given in this application form.

    You will also be asked to send a minimum of one photograph or a maximum of five photographs of your project for the Trust’s publicity if appropriate.

    I confirm that the information on this application form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and that I am ordinarily resident in Westray. I am also confirming that I am authorised to complete this form on behalf of the organisation named in section one (if applicable)*

    By completing this form and submitting it to Westray Development Trust (WDT) you are consenting for this form and the data within to be processed and stored by WDT in order for WDT to fulfil its functions as a community development trust. You are also consenting to receive communications from Westray Development Trust. Under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 you can request to see any data held on you at any time, simply get in touch with WDT office at [email protected].