“New Venture” for Westray

The trust are pleased to announce that they have offered a loan of £60,000 to two young fishermen to help them take ownership of their first fishing boat (the refurbished “Kelly T”, which will be renamed “New Venture”).  The loan is being adminstered by trust partners Developing Strathclyde Ltd (DSL-Business Finance) as they are a community development finance association with the expertise to manage loans.  This loan is part of a programme of “community regeneration”, as it not only provides secure employment for young folk to remain on Westray, but will also provide catch for the Westray Processors crab processing factory.  With many of the local fishing boat owners approaching retirement, it was important to encourage young people into the industry.

School Trip to Poland

Westray Junior High School have started planning a trip to Poland for all senior school students next year.   Children and parents have made a huge undertaking to fundraise half the total required, and WDT has agreed to match this (up to £8500).  £2400 of this has already been paid over to cover deposits.

Local Heritage books

The Trust has now contributed to the publication costs of three local heritage books produced by the Westray Heritage Trust (to a total of £1700).   With the remainder of the publication costs being recovered from the first wave of sales at and soon after the book launch events, these will continue to produce income to assist the ongoing running costs of the Heritage Trust.

Westray Connections 2012

Westray connections 2012The first “Westray Connections” music weekend was held in 2012, and organised by the Westray and Papa Westray Tourist Association, with Westray Development Trust underwriting and subsidising the costs of this.   From small intimate afternoon concerts at local venues to a packed evening concert in the community hall, and an impromptu jam session outside the hotel on the Sunday, this was an extremely successful event that involved both Westray folk, and those with “Westray connections”.   It was wonderful to see the wealth of talent and enthusiasm of all the young folk taking part.   The event will be repeated again in 2013. 

This project was underwritten by Westray Development Trust and later received a shortfall grant of £750.08.


Community Fireworks

Fireworks were purchased for the Queens Jubilee celebration in Westray, with the remainder being used at the community bonfire night later in the year.   As this was such a well-attended and enjoyable event, the trust will be repeating the sponsorship for a community bonfire night organised by the Westray Senior Youth Club in 2013.

Malawi visit

The group fundraising for the cultural exchange visit from Malawi to Westray which includes two children from the Westray School’s partner school in Malawi, have been awarded £1000 towards the cost of activities that will involve the local children.

Replacement zipline (Playpark)

£800 grant funding has been obtained to go towards the repair and replacement of the zip line in the playpark.  This has been topped up by a grant from turbine funds of £234, to get the very popular zipline back in use again.

Picnic benches for the playpark

IMG_3279 (Small)Following a request from the Playgroup for somewhere for people to sit while watching their children and grandchildren play, the board approved funding of up to £400 for two new picknic benches to be made.  We are delighted that these will be made by pupils from the Westray Junior High School.