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Westray Skiff Project

Until recently the Westray Skiff were the sea taxi used to transport people and small cargo between the isles. These boats were built maintained and used locally and exported to other islands. As local transport systems improved, reliance on the Skiff decreased, as did the skills to build, maintain and sail them.  With funding from The Prince’s Trust and Millenium Commission, the team built a new skiff, which helped them to increase awareness of their heritage, revived an old Skiff and facilitated interaction between the young and old. All the experiences of the young participants were recorded and put online during the build. The Skiff was then donated to the local Westray Sailing Club.  It is is now raced at the local Westray Regatta every July, which is an important date in the local calendar.

The Skiff’s dedication ceremony is pictured right.  (image)

A PDF of the Team’s progress can be downloaded HERE.