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Westray Fuel Grant 2022 Launch

Westray Fuel Grant 2022 – Policy, Guidance and Form

In 2017 57% of Orkney households spent over 10% of household income on household fuel with 23% spending over 20%[1]. To support Westray’s residents and reduce the impacts of fuel poverty in our community, Westray Development Trust (WDT) has established this Fuel Grant fund. It is open to all Westray households who meet the eligibility criteria. The WDT Board has approved the WDT Office Team to have the responsibility of assessing and processing Westray Fuel Grant 2022 applications in line with policy. Fuel Grant payments of £400 will be made directly to the applicant’s energy account via their provider unless if in exceptional circumstances an alternative method is required.

All applications must be submitted by end of day Friday 28th February 2022.


Due to restrictions in charity law, businesses, and holiday-lets are not eligible. Second homes are also not eligible to apply. Applicants must be permanent Westray residents (Westray is their main residence) and be the domestic bill-payer, only one application is accepted per household. Households that are connected to a business that does not have a separate domestic energy supply, can still apply if they can demonstrate the property is also a domestic residence. E.g. a letter/email from your accountant stating the % of energy use which is domestic.

Individuals resident in Westray who assist with the bills of a relative e.g. an elderly relative (and so the energy account is in your name rather than your relative’s), who lives at a separate Westray address, can also apply for the Fuel Grant on behalf of that relative in addition to a Fuel Grant for their own household. You will need to demonstrate that your relative’s home is not your second home, for example, evidence for this could be a council tax bill in your relative’s name. The other eligibility rules still apply in these scenarios.

How it works

Applications can be submitted online through our website www.westraydevelopmenttrust.co.uk

Paper copies will also be available in the shops or by contacting the WDT office.

Any queries can be sent to [email protected] or you can call 01857677858.

Once you have submitted your application please be patient. We receive over 200 applications in a short period and it takes time for the small team to get through them all. It also takes time for the grant to appear on your energy account, if it has not appeared by 31st March 2022 please get in touch. We can check the payment date for you so that you can contact your energy provider with this information.

If you are changing your energy account we can delay payment until your new account is set up, however, you still need to submit an application before the 28th February 2022 deadline even if you don’t have your new account details at this point, get in touch with the WDT office if this applies to you and we’ll help you through what is needed. Any outstanding grant applications will be reviewed at the end of the financial year.

Accompanying Documents

All applicants should also submit a copy of a recent energy bill. Only key-card users are exempt from this. Due to COVID-19 the WDT Office remains closed to the public, so we are unable to assist with photocopying.

If you live in the same building as your business, you will need to demonstrate the premises is also your home. E.g. a letter from your accountant stating what % of energy is for domestic purposes. Westray residents who assist with the bills of a relative who lives at a separate Westray address can apply for a grant on behalf of that relative as well as a grant for their own home. You will need to demonstrate that your relative’s home is not your second home, e.g. evidence for this could be a council tax bill in your relative’s name.

If you do not provide the required information we will not be able to process your grant application. Even if you have submitted this information for a Fuel Grant in a previous year you must do so again for the new grant.

Bulb Energy Users

If you wish to apply for a Fuel Grant towards your Bulb account then please complete the application form and submit the necessary accompanying documents as normal. We will be in touch with more information on processing your grant.

Bottled Gas

Only a small number of grant applications for gas will be manageable for the supplier. Therefore, we request that you only apply for bottled gas if this is your main heating source or if there are issues with applying your grant to your main supply.


We can accept orders for coal. Smokeless coal will be ordered in bulk when the application period closes.

Key-Card Users

After the application period closes on Friday 28th February 2023 you will receive a ‘WDT Fuel Grant Voucher’ in the post. You will be able to claim your Fuel Grant by taking these vouchers to the post office you selected in your application.

[1] Scottish Household Condition Survey 2015-17

Fill in the online application form here! https://westraydevelopmenttrust.co.uk/community-turbine-funds/fuel-grant-application-form/

If you have any queries please contact [email protected]