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Volunteer needed!

We have one free volunteer space available for a community member to join our Project Evaluation Group (PEG). PEG includes representation from WDT, WRE, Westray Community Council, and members of the community. It is the group that evaluates the community grant and investment budget funding applications Westray Development Trust receives. PEG recommends whether or not the WDT Board should award funding.

Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to be directly involved in helping WDT award funding to charitable community projects of benefit to Westray. It is also an easily manageable volunteer role as PEG meets quarterly (4 meetings per year). If you have time to spare to support your community and this worthwhile group, please put your name forward by Monday 21st February 2022. Who represents the community on PEG will be agreed by the WDT membership at the March 2022 EGM.

To put your name forward, or to find out more please contact the WDT office;

Phone: 01867 677 858

Email: [email protected]

Project Examples

Here are some examples of what PEG recommended WDT fund in the current financial year;

Westray School Tops – Westray Parent Council

In July 2021 WDT awarded £590 to Westray Parent Council, following PEG’s recommendation, for the Parent Council’s project to purchase school tops and hoodies for Westray Junior High School and Nursery students.

This was a lovely project as the funding discounted the hoodies and tops in order to make school clothing more equally accessible for families of all income levels. The project hoped to give the students a sense of identity and pride in their school and island. It also aspired to prevent bullying and reduce pressure for kids to own expensive brands. The Parent Council have a long-term goal to make the school tops and hoodies part of a re-use project which would mean when the young folk outgrew their school tops/hoodies the clothing would be able to find a new home with younger pupils.

Students voted on the top/hoody design.

Financial Stability of Westray Heritage Centre following COVID-19 – Westray Heritage Trust

In December 2021 WDT, as recommended by PEG, awarded £12,000 (over 2 years) to Westray Heritage to support the Heritage Centre’s running costs.

Hit hard by the pandemic, the drop in visitor numbers threatened the financial viability of the Heritage Centre. This grant will allow this important community asset to continue until normal visitor numbers and event/fundraising opportunities resume.

Roadside Bulbs – Sandy McEwen

In December 2021 the WDT Board also agreed to award £400 of funding as recommended by PEG to Sandy’s community project which saw mixed tulip bulbs ordered in bulk and distributed for free via Westray’s three general shops. In the past Sandy ran a similar project for the local community which distributed free daffodil, tulip, and crocus bulbs. The aspiration behind this project is to brighten the island’s roadsides for the community to enjoy but also to provide more flowers for local wildlife, particularly for bees in the Spring.

The WDT Board agreed to repeat this grant for 3 years.