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Voluntary Striking off and Dissolution of Westray Enterprise Community Interest Company (WECIC) – SCO437953

As the sole member of Westray Enterprise Community Interest Company the Trust Board (or those present), on the 9th June 2015 unanimously agreed upon a mandate that the WECIC directors should consider the voluntary striking off and dissolution of WECIC

At a subsequent meeting, of the WECIC directors, it was agreed that the company had not traded since its formation, was wholly reliant on Trust funds and was not likely to create any income in the near future. It was therefore agreed unanimously, that it was in the best interests of Westray Development Trust to voluntarily strike off and dissolve WECIC.

Subsequently an application has been submitted to Companies House and if there are no objections received within a 3 month notice period, the company will be struck off.

The Trust board, being the sole debtor, have since agreed that it is not in the charity’s best interests to pursue the debt, with there being no recoverable WECIC assets.

Any future parent companies will be developed, for a specific purpose, as or when they are needed. In the meantime, the Trust is able to trade, within specific limitations, if the activity is in direct pursuance of its charitable objectives.

If there are any questions regarding this decision, or indeed any aspect of the Trust, then please do not hesitate to contact the staff team in the office or one of the Trust directors.