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Temporary Hofn Closure & Changes

In light of Scottish Government announcements, there will be the following changes to Hofn Youth Centre running;

The Hofn will be closed between 20th December 2021 – 3rd January 2022. Between standard closing on Christmas and New Year, plus the usual opening days – this actually only affects 3 days in total (23rd, 28th and 30th December).

As things currently stand, from 4th January 2022 the Hofn will remain open on its usual days as long as the School remains open (we are not expecting it to close!).

However, we are changing the groupings to ensure the maximum number of kids in the Hofn is limited at any one time.

Tuesday – S3 & S4 (up to 17yrs) (alternating with Youth Club)

Thursday – S1 & S2

Friday – S3 & S4 (up to 17 yrs)

Saturday – S1 & S2

We realise that this will be an unpopular change with the youth, and is inconvenient for S2 & 3 friendship groups however it is safety that must be prioritised and this was a fair way of grouping youth that also meant the Hofn could remain safe and open.

As we are still alternating Tuesday to encourage Youth Club attendance S3& S4 have been allocated the longer Friday opening evening.

This is a temporary change and will be reviewed at the end of January!

As always COVID-19 changes could mean further changes in the Hofn running to stay safe. We will endeavour to keep you up to date. To make this easier if you have not done so already please submit your Hofn form so we have your contact details!