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Kalisgarth Care Centre

The Kalisgarth Care Centre is a wonderful testament to the vision and determination of a small community.  The building opened in 2005 and has had a huge impact on the community that goes far further than just providing care for older adults.  With so much community involvement in decisions around the development of the centre, it really feels like a community facility.  The jobs created have allowed more young couples to stay on Westray.  The Friends of Kalisgarth group are also very active and ensure that Kalisgarth have the extra comforts and facilities that would not normally be provided in a care centre, as well as ensuring that there are regular social and fundraising events that involve the wider community.

The stained glass window in the shape of sails on the end wall of the day room was an artist-in-residence project (under the wing of the Westray & Papa Westray Craft Association) and was designed by local school children.  As predicted, Kalisgarth  quickly became “too small”  and in 2013 a further two supported accommodation units were built on the site.  These are separate from the main building, but tenants are supported in the same way as other residents by existing staff.