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Bayview Project Extension

Unfortunately due to a shortage of workers and supply delays, the Bayview renovations aren’t going to be completed by the end of October 2021 as originally planned. A new projected completion date is still to be confirmed but will be towards the end of the year. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the construction team working on Bayview for all their fantastic hard work during a very difficult time in their industry.

The Bayview project is far from alone in experiencing these kinds of problems. Nationwide construction projects have been heavily affected by the pandemic and Brexit.

However, the amazing team at local company Daniel Harcus Construction are doing all they can despite these problems. This week the taping and filling work is set to start at Bayview and many important supplies have arrived.

Here are the latest photos from September to show how works are progressing;

Bayview, formerly the Harbour Master’s house, was purchased from Orkney Islands Council by WDT in July 2019. This was thanks to grant funding from the Scottish Land Fund.

The Trust then successfully secured £380,000 of funding from the Scottish Government’s Island Housing Fund towards renovation costs in September 2020. This allowed work to begin in November 2021.

The renovation of Bayview will transform the property into four 1-2 bedroom flats which will be available for rent, as a result this project will contribute to increasing the availability and variety of affordable housing in Westray.

A community consultation on a local lettings/allocations policy for Bayview will soon be launched. This policy will establish a points-based system that our lettings agent will use to assess applications. The purpose of a local lettings policy is to ensure that lettings are in line with community needs and priorities. For example, in other community housing projects in Orkney applications from young families have been prioritised due to falling school numbers. Your feedback on Westray’s policy will help ensure that the Bayview lettings are allocated in line with community needs.

Updated 27th September 2021.