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3 years of the CDO

The HIE funding that has contributed to staff wages for 3 years comes to an end in September 2013, and all the CDOs have been asked what they consider their top achievements are.   The list from Corinne includes:

–          At least £69,500 additional grant funding brought into Westray through applications written by the CDO for WDT and several other community groups

–          doing the groundwork with DSL to set up the successful loan management partnership;

–          being part of the process of the trust obtaining Unit 1;

–          contributing strongly to improving the communications with the community through the website and Whats on contributions (which started with a very small CDO column)

–          keeping focussed on the need to be accountable with PEG and grant processes

–          More recently, my continued liaison with Orkney College has helped WDT get things moving in the Learning Centre (including the promise of new computers from Orkney College!)

–          as the “strategy” person for the inter-isles broadband group I have been able to arrange meetings at high level with people involved in Broadband Development UK in the HIE area to keep the focus on excellent broadband for all – not just the easiest 86%.

–          Its also an achievement to have successfully completed 7 core modules of Sustainable Development Study and an ILA level 5 Leadership certificate over the three years, while seldom being able to take the full allowed amount of study time.