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Westray Golf Course

In September 2005 the Westray Golf Course came up for sale, and Westray Development Trust was approached to assist the Westray Golf Club to secure the land for the community. WDT secured 95% funding from the Scottish Land Fund and the Community Land Unit. WGC had previously agreed if the bid was successful they could afford to fund the 5% shortfall in recognition of a long term lease.

Community ownership finally allowed a partnership between the Westray Golf Club and WDT to access funds for upgrading the facilities, and plans for dealing with coastal erosion, development of the course, and provision of community and club facilities could proceed.

The original plans had the work split into three phases;

  1. Restoration and management of coastal erosion
  2. The redevelopment of the nine hole golf course.
  3. The construction of the car park and machinery shed.

Funding was obtained for phases 2 and 3, and were completed in 2013.

The course provides golf recreational benefits for all generations as well as adding a social area with picnic benches.

The course provides an all-year option for all of Orkney’s golfers, and also adds to the tourism interest in Westray.

Westray Development Trust sponsor the annual Westray Golf Club – Club Championship