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Westray Community Garden

Fresh Fae Westray logo. Designed by pupils at Westray Junior High.

The Westray Community Garden project produces organic fresh fruit and vegetables here on Westray for the local community. This was made possible through funding from LEADER. Initially launched as a two-year pilot study in 2017 under the name of ‘Food Miles to Food Smiles’, the garden project has gone from strength to strength and is now into its fifth growing season.

Westray sits at the very edge of the Orkney archipelago and so as a result also sits at the end of a very long wholesale supply chain for fresh foods. The garden project aims to challenge this by producing a variety of fresh, nutritious and affordable fruits and vegetables right here on Westray. Using different techniques, the garden project is committed to ongoing research of different cultivars, strains and species and how each adapt to the growing climate here at 59° North. 

Take a look at the video below to see what we got up to in the summer of 2021.

Where can you find our produce?

Our produce is stocked in all of Westray’s shops. In Pierowall village you can find our produce at WI Rendalls or J.C. Tullocks and further afield you can find our produce at Peter Miller’s Shop also known as ‘Skello Shop’ in Rapness.

We also provide quality salad mixes, microgreens and much more to hospitality clients around Orkney mainland. If you are a restaurant or hotel and would like to find out more about our produce please email [email protected]

Latest News

For regular updates of the garden’s progress follow the Westray Community Garden Project Facebook Page.  Or, give us a follow on our Instagram.

Community Garden Consultation

From 1st April – 6th May we will be running a consultation to capture the views of the community.
As the Community Garden is 5 years old this year – we want to collect as many views as possible in Westray to help shape the next 5 years of the Community Garden project.
Access to the consultation via this link – Community Garden Consultation | Engage Orkney

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