Grants Awarded

Training Grants Awarded January 2014 to June 2014

SVQ2 Health and Social Care (£400 each) – Margaret Rendall and Frances Nicolson. There was also one more but this was withdrawn.

REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene: Westray Processors Ltd were awarded £151.25 for 11 participants and Pierowall Hotel were awarded £82.50 for 6 participants.

Scottish Certificate for Personal License Holder Refresher – Pierowall hotel were awarded £100 for 4 participants.

Controlling Cross Contamination: Westray Processors Ltd received £115 for 5 participants and Pierowall Fish received £46 for 2 participants.

Louis Pottinger and Sheena Costie were both awarded up to £150 towards the costs of driving lessons.

Three folk received funding for a fork lift driving refresher course: John William Stout, Heddle Costie and Hugh Costie.

Westray Heritage Trust received £214 towards the costs of Sage training for 4 people.