Grants Awarded

Funding awarded – July 2014

This month saw the launch of a new fund – Entertainment events grants – which is for groups (or individuals) who wish to put on an event and require assistance to get an act or equipment to the island. The Bisgeos Run/Walk 2014 received £630 towards travel and accommodation costs for the band and the Island Picnic received sponsorship of £197.28 for the inflatables at the event; the actual amount paid out for this event was £125.

Small grant funding awarded this month was £500 for fireworks (for Bonfire Night) awarded to the Senior Youth club and the Bisgeos Run/Walk 2014 received £1300 in sponsorship for new race equipment.

Small project funding (above £1000 but below £10,000) this month: Westray Heritage Trust received confirmation of funding for an IT upgrade and backup system at £2989 (this will vary depending on the timing of equipment purchase) and Westray Processors Ltd was awarded £1375 in funding towards an extension to the strategic planning support previously funded by a Big Lottery grant awarded to WDT.

Training grants awarded were for Pesticides training, national registration and testing for farmers. This training, testing and registration is a legal requirement and therefore this comes under the statutory training grants scheme run by WDT. Successful applicants will receive up to £307 each (depending on course attendance and ILA utilisation). Grants were awarded to Kenneth Harcus, Louis Pottinger, James Drever, Ben Drever and Ian Burgher.