Community & Conference NetworkingOrkney Empty Homes Scheme

The Scottish Empty Homes Partnership was established in June 2010 to help to bring back into use the 34,000 long-term empty homes across Scotland. 

Shelter Scotland estimates that empty homes can cost their owners in excess of £7000 a year in bills and potentially lost income, therefore, bringing homes back into use can be financially beneficial both to the community and the individual.

Orkney Islands Council appointed an Empty Homes Development Officer in June 2017 whose job is to help Orcadians to get empty homes back into use through an advice-based service. Help can be given to sell empty homes and also help is available with renovations and discounts.

Anyone wanting advice or information regarding any aspect of the Empty Homes Scheme should contact Rachael Bowes on 01856 873 535 extension 2193 or via email at

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