Bargain Box


The Bargain Box is a fundraising shop which opened its doors in July 2017. The shop is shared among various Westray-based groups, rent-free, who use the shop as a means of fundraising through the sale of second-hand items donated by the community as well as regular bake sales and raffles. The groups currently using the Bargain Box include;

  • Aak Club
  • Church of Scotland Youth Group
  • Friends of Kalisgarth Care Centre
  • Friends of the Westray Playpark
  • Höfn Kids
  • Links of Noltland Steering Group
  • Westray Community Association
  • Westray Drama Club
  • Westray Film Club
  • Westray Football Club
  • Westray Golf Course
  • Westray Heritage Centre
  • Westray Netball Club
  • Westray Playgroup
  • Westray Sailing Club
  • Westray Tourist Association
  • Westray Youth Club

Use of the Bargain Box rotates on a weekly basis and is open on a Wednesday and Saturday 10 am – 4 pm.

At the end of each week, 50% of the Bargain Box’s total income goes directly to the group using the shop that week. 45% is then put away in a shared pot which is equally shared between the groups at the end of each rota period. This is to ensure that shopper fluctuations are accounted for so group incomes are more equally balanced. The remaining 5% is put aside by WDT for any repairs that the shop may need.

If you would like to be added to the Bargain Box rota please contact Ann Burgher.  Only Westray-based groups which directly benefit Westray are eligible, groups which fundraise for off-island causes or charities are not eligible.

The name “Bargain Box” was chosen as the winner of the competition to name the shop at the local school. Charlie Rendall was the winner.

The Bargain Box can be found behind the WDT offices and the Höfn on Quarry Road.