Westray Fuel Grant 2020

CLICK HERE for the Westray Fuel Grant 2020 Application and Policy & Guidance

Click the link above to read the Fuel Grant Policy and learn how to apply in 2020. 

In order to support Westray’s residents and reduce the impacts of Fuel Poverty on our island, Westray Development Trust (WDT) have established this temporary fund for all Westray households who meet eligibility criteria. According to the Scottish Household Survey (2015-2017) 57% of Orkney residents are in Fuel Poverty or Extreme Fuel Poverty (23%).

This is the second Fuel Grant in 2020 as an extra grant was available in Spring 2020 in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The Fuel Grant is not a permanent fund. Whether or not the Westray Fuel Grant is repeated in future years will be subject to funding availability as well as WDT Board annual review and approval. The Westray Fuel Grant Winter 2020 will grant payments of £150  directly to the applicant’s energy account. All applications must be submitted to the WDT office or emailed to margo@westraydevelopmenttrust.co.uk by 5pm Friday 18th December 2020. Please read the policy and guidance before filling your application.