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Tips for Westray Chillies

*Westray Community Garden grows a variety of small chilli called ‘Basket of Fire’*

Not sure how to use your Westray chillies? Why not try one of these top tips…

🌶 Freeze them! Then you can grate them as needed over your dish while frozen for an amazing chilli powder.

🌶 Dry the whole chillies in a warm place (e.g. in the sun or by the radiator). Once dried store in a sealed jar. Then you can crumble them as needed over dishes.

🌶 Chilli jam – We recently shared a yummy recipe, scroll down our page to find it.

🌶 Chilli pickle – Jamie Oliver recommends using the juices leftover from a jar of pickles/gherkins and topping up the jar with a little vinegar and sea salt to pickle the sliced chillies.

🌶 Chilli oil – Make your own homemade chilli oil by adding a few dried chillies to a bottle of olive oil. https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/homemade_chilli_oil_54985

🌶 Chilli sauce – How hot can you go? https://fb.watch/7AqZjAB5CE/