Funding awarded – July 2014

This month saw the launch of a new fund – Entertainment events grants – which is for groups (or individuals) who wish to put on an event and require assistance to get an act or equipment to the island. The Bisgeos Run/Walk 2014 received £630 towards travel and accommodation costs for the band and the Island Picnic received sponsorship of £197.28 for the inflatables at the event; the actual amount paid out for this event was £125.

Small grant funding awarded this month was £500 for fireworks (for Bonfire Night) awarded to the Senior Youth club and the Bisgeos Run/Walk 2014 received £1300 in sponsorship for new race equipment.

Small project funding (above £1000 but below £10,000) this month: Westray Heritage Trust received confirmation of funding for an IT upgrade and backup system at £2989 (this will vary depending on the timing of equipment purchase) and Westray Processors Ltd was awarded £1375 in funding towards an extension to the strategic planning support previously funded by a Big Lottery grant awarded to WDT.

Training grants awarded were for Pesticides training, national registration and testing for farmers. This training, testing and registration is a legal requirement and therefore this comes under the statutory training grants scheme run by WDT. Successful applicants will receive up to £307 each (depending on course attendance and ILA utilisation). Grants were awarded to Kenneth Harcus, Louis Pottinger, James Drever, Ben Drever and Ian Burgher.

Training Grants Awarded January 2014 to June 2014

SVQ2 Health and Social Care (£400 each) – Margaret Rendall and Frances Nicolson. There was also one more but this was withdrawn.

REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene: Westray Processors Ltd were awarded £151.25 for 11 participants and Pierowall Hotel were awarded £82.50 for 6 participants.

Scottish Certificate for Personal License Holder Refresher – Pierowall hotel were awarded £100 for 4 participants.

Controlling Cross Contamination: Westray Processors Ltd received £115 for 5 participants and Pierowall Fish received £46 for 2 participants.

Louis Pottinger and Sheena Costie were both awarded up to £150 towards the costs of driving lessons.

Three folk received funding for a fork lift driving refresher course: John William Stout, Heddle Costie and Hugh Costie.

Westray Heritage Trust received £214 towards the costs of Sage training for 4 people.


Grant awards December 2013

I-pads for the Learning Centre:   the WDT board has approved the purchase of two I-pads and accessories up to a maximum of £850, for use in the Learning Centre and Digital Inclusion projects.  These will be a great help especially to the older people taking part in the two I-pad classes that are already going, and the the folk waiting for the new class to start in early 2014.

A business loan application that had been received by WDT has now been withdrawn by the applicant.

Training Grants:  Nine further requests for grants towards the NFU Farm Safety course were approved, making a total of 22 people (of the 24 attending) being eligible for and each receiving a £50 grant towards this very important course.

NFU farm safety course
NFU farm safety course

Getting online – free classes

The first two Ipad classes are well under way with great enthusiasm, so watch out for some bigger than usual requests for Christmas presents this year, or unexpected new Skype callers!

Classes will continue in 2014, with at least one new group starting.   These can cover a wide range of needs:

–          People completely new to using computers or going online

–          People wanting to learn how to use Ipads (which can be much easier for older folk or those with difficulties with their hands)

–          Anyone who isn’t confident about using the internet

The classes are very informal, go at your speed, and you can use whichever type of equipment suits you  (Ipads, laptops, or desktop computers).  You don’t have to have internet at home, and you don’t have to have your own computer or Ipad.

Contact Corinne on 07766 266656 or leave your name and phone number at the WDT office if you think you would like to know more, or know someone who would benefit or would like to have a taster session.

Local training opportunities

These are some of the courses in the pipeline for the new year:

A Business Start Up course  (likely the very end of February) – course content and dates and times are still flexible, so if you think you would like to take advantage of this free course please contact Corinne as soon as possible.  This may also be relevant to businesses who have already started but want some help putting together business plans for future development.  Cost: free.    Time:  one to 1.5 days

Basic work related courses:   for example Food Hygiene, First Aid, etc.   If there are 6 people needing to do any of the Orkney College Short Courses then these may be able to happen on Westray.  The new Learning Centre Coordinator will be contacting local businesses to find out what your training requirements are for the next year.

Evening self study group (for people doing ECDL or any distance learning).  This can start when the new internet connection and computers have arrived for the Learning Centre

Drop in sessions for Ipad learners and anyone needing help getting online

Other courses – contact the new WDT Learning Centre Coordinator to discuss (through the WDT office).   Things like SAGE accounting, manual handling, or recreational and leisure courses (genealogy online, digital photography, etc) have all been suggested already.

Learning Centre Coordinator

The Board have decided to advertise the post of learning centre coordinator which will be a one day per week post, on a self employed basis, for six months. This person will be responsible for ensuring the continued use of the learning centre and for assessing training needs on the island for both businesses and individuals.

I-Pad Classes

The first two I-pad classes have happened with the tutors blown away by the enthusiasm from all the learners.  They were really brilliant sessions with everyone getting stuck right into tapping, touching and swiping, and  looking forward to next week.   It was really inspiring to see older folk getting to grips with this new technology, especially as it was such an awful day to come out.

Please pass the word around to people you know who might want to have a go at using I-pads or laptops to get online – I’m already starting to take names for the next lot of sessions that will start in the new year.   No charge, you learn just what you want to know in a very informal way, and you don’t need to have internet at home or have your own I-pad or laptop.

This is part of the Get IT Together Orkney project.

I-pad and laptop classes for beginners

I-pad and laptop classes for beginners will be starting on Westray on Tuesday 19th November.  These are through the Get IT together project.  There is still time to sign up, so let Corinne in the trust office know if you are keen to learn how to get online.

Grant awards for October 2013

Two training grants were awarded this month: Yvonne Rorie and Cindy Paterson both received 50% of the balance of the course fees (after ILA has been taken off) for SVQ in Health and Care.

The Community Association was awarded £291 for replacement of the lighting desk for the community hall.

The Westray NFU have received notification of support in principle towards an out-of-season goose cull on Westray. This is dependent upon the outcome of talks at the November meeting of the Orkney Goose Management Group meeting.

Learning Centre – getting online

Janette Mackie from the Citizensonline  Get I T Together programme has been out to Westray again, and had some really great sessions with older members of the community.   Watch out for request for I-pads as Christmas presents this year – there will be an I-pad beginners course starting at the back end of October, as well as a beginners course for laptops or PCs.  Both of these will be very informal and you will learn what you want to know, at your own pace.  There is still time to sign up.  Contact Corinne at the trust office if you are interested, or watch out for notices.

We are still waiting for the 6 new computers  to be installed at the Learning Centre.  What is taking time is that we have to wait for OIC, UHI, and Orkney College to all coordinate on this, as the big news is that there will be wifi installed there – that means that folk will also be able to use their own laptops.

Also, if you live in social housing (OIC, or OHAL) and don’t have internet but want it,  let either Corinne or Janette (07788 395859) know, as there may be some assistance available.