Playpark Equipment Replacement

The Westray Development Trust Board are pleased to announce that they have confirmed they have allocated £40,000 towards the replacement of the playpark equipment, subject to other funding being successful.   It has been very clear to the board that this project has wide community support and is a very important local facility that has been well used.  Thanks to Friends of Westray Playpark for managing this project on behalf of the community.

Bonfire Night funding approved

Westray Senior Youth Club were successful in applying for £500 to purchase fireworks for a display at the November community bonfire night.  We look forward to another exciting night after last year’s well-attended event.


Screen machine visit

The Screen Machine will be visiting Westray in June, and the Board approved a donation of £100 towards the costs of this, to add to sponsorship already approved by the Community Council.

Papay Boat

Following a request from the Westray Community Council, the board agreed to contribute £460 towards the costs of the winter on-demand boat service between Westray and Papay.  This supports the maintenance of the inter-island ferry service which provides social, educational, recreational and employment benefits for Westray.

Community Fireworks

Fireworks were purchased for the Queens Jubilee celebration in Westray, with the remainder being used at the community bonfire night later in the year.   As this was such a well-attended and enjoyable event, the trust will be repeating the sponsorship for a community bonfire night organised by the Westray Senior Youth Club in 2013.