Papay Boat

Following a request from the Westray Community Council, the board agreed to contribute £460 towards the costs of the winter on-demand boat service between Westray and Papay.  This supports the maintenance of the inter-island ferry service which provides social, educational, recreational and employment benefits for Westray.

Westray Walks leaflet

Westray Walks GuideThe Westray & Papa Westray Tourist Association were successful in their application to the turbine fund for part of the costs of reprinting the very popular Westray Walks leaflet.   A grant of £883.50 was approved, matching the Westray Community Council contribution.  The leaflets have now been printed and widely distributed, both on Westray and mainland Orkney.

New equipment for the Gym

WDT will provide funding for a recumbant bicycle for the Healthy Living Centre Gym.  The total cost is £1639, with a contribution being made from a coffee afternoon fundraiser organised by healthy living centre staff and users.  Thanks to all who supported the fundraiser.

This equipment should be a lot easier for people with limited mobility to use, so hopefully it will attract some new gym users.

Financial planning

The board invited Alan Long (The Long Partnership) to the last Board meeting to give advice on financial matters within the trust.  This was a useful session and covered areas such as funding the Community Interest Company, taxation advice, lending to businesses and individuals, and financial investment.

North Isles Sports 2013

Westray Sports Club were awarded £500 towards the costs of hosting the North Isles Sports in June this year.  Some of this funding will go towards the costs of purchasing equipment required for the sports.

Refrigeration equipment and maintenance

Westray Processors have been awarded £2500 towards the costs of purchasing tools and equipment to allow their newly qualified engineer to carry out refrigeration engineering.  Having a qualified engineer on the island will be of great benefit to those businesses that require refrigeration repairs and maintenance.

Nursery healthy snack

The Westray Nursery received a grant of £400 from Westray Development Trust to spend on fruit Nursery Children's drawings of their healthy snackand vegetables for snack time.  This has meant that even though the Westray Nursery doesn’t have access to cheap supermarket snack items, it can continue to charge the same session fee as other Orkney nurseries and provide a healthy tooth kind snack every session.  It also means that the children can try out some more exotic fruits when available. The children did some lovely drawings of the fruit they enjoy most.

School Trip to Poland

Westray Junior High School have started planning a trip to Poland for all senior school students next year.   Children and parents have made a huge undertaking to fundraise half the total required, and WDT has agreed to match this (up to £8500).  £2400 of this has already been paid over to cover deposits.

Local Heritage books

The Trust has now contributed to the publication costs of three local heritage books produced by the Westray Heritage Trust (to a total of £1700).   With the remainder of the publication costs being recovered from the first wave of sales at and soon after the book launch events, these will continue to produce income to assist the ongoing running costs of the Heritage Trust.

Westray Connections 2012

Westray connections 2012The first “Westray Connections” music weekend was held in 2012, and organised by the Westray and Papa Westray Tourist Association, with Westray Development Trust underwriting and subsidising the costs of this.   From small intimate afternoon concerts at local venues to a packed evening concert in the community hall, and an impromptu jam session outside the hotel on the Sunday, this was an extremely successful event that involved both Westray folk, and those with “Westray connections”.   It was wonderful to see the wealth of talent and enthusiasm of all the young folk taking part.   The event will be repeated again in 2013. 

This project was underwritten by Westray Development Trust and later received a shortfall grant of £750.08.