Hofn nearing completion

The Hofn redevelopment is nearing the end. We are now just waiting for floor coverings and then it should be good to go! The youngsters are using it at the moment but I’m sure they will all agree that it will be really nice when it is finished and kitted out with the new furniture.

Turbine production

The turbine produced just over 208 MWhs in July which equates to 31% of its capacity and a gross income of just over £29,000. This is slightly more than was produced for the last two years but similar to that which was produced in the first year of production for the same period.

Playpark Equipment Replacement

The Westray Development Trust Board are pleased to announce that they have confirmed they have allocated £40,000 towards the replacement of the playpark equipment, subject to other funding being successful.   It has been very clear to the board that this project has wide community support and is a very important local facility that has been well used.  Thanks to Friends of Westray Playpark for managing this project on behalf of the community.

Höfn Refurbishment


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[clearleft] hofn youth centre(July 2012) The Hofn is now 12 years old and was very much in need of refurbishment. Some interior work has been done and we have received grant funding from the Orkney Islands Council Community Development Fund and the Orkney LEADER project towards the building extension works. Building work on the extension is well under way, new furniture has been bought and the quiet room has received a new look with a fresh coat of paint. The young folk of the island have done some fundraising, including holding a jumble sale in January that raised funds for various youth groups. A group of representatives from the Hofn attended a Board meeting and handed over £500 to the Chair. All their fundraising will be used to furnish and equip the Hofn.

Once the work is complete the young folk that use the Hofn are hoping to hold an event to ‘re-open’ the youth centre. Watch this space for further details.

The Hofn is available for hire and bookings can be made through the Island Diary room booking service at http://www.westrayslivingheritage.co.uk, or contact the caretaker, Stephen Cowe on 677 404. The charges are £5 for a two hour booking, £10 for a half day and £20 for a full day. All prices are subject to VAT at the standard rate.

The big office move!

We are finally in Unit 1.  We have had quite a few folk past already saying what a fine office it is and we are certainly finding the difference too.  Our phone and broadband are still not up and running fully, but we do have a temporary phone number, and you can still email us and we will pick up emails from home.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Old Kirk folk very much for the use of the Hewison room these past few years.

Hofn building extension

Tenders have been invited for an extension to the Hofn.  Along with this the whole building inside is getting makeover with new paintwork and new furniture, etc.  The current youth group have been very instrumental in getting this going and a huge thank you goes out to them for their enthusiasm and hard work.  The Hofn is available for hire.  Contact the trust office for more information.

New Office for WDT

The trust have been negotiating the purchase of Unit 1, and are pleased to announce that an offer has been accepted.  There will need to be some work to fit out the space as offices, furnish it and then begin to move the stacks and stacks of paperwork from the current office.  We are very grateful to the Parish Kirk for allowing us to use the current office for so long, but its clear that we have outgrown it.

Hofn refurbishment plans

The young folk of the island held a very successful jumble sale in January to raise funds for various youth groups.  A group of representatives from the Hofn attended the WDT board meeting in February and handed over £500 to the Chair, who emphasised that the young folk who use the Hofn would have a major say in how the money would be used in the planned refurbishment.  They are also planning to have a “re-opening” event to show it off.  The Board are really pleased to see a group of such enthusiastic young folk using the Hofn, and would like to thank Edith for all the hard work she has and still is putting into it.

Hofn Youth Centre

Prior to the Westray Conference in 1998, the lack of youth facilities was well recognised.  A typical Saturday night for teenagers in Westray meant meeting up at the public toilets.  A Youth and Children subgroup was determined to meet the needs of Westray’s young folk, and consulted with and actively involved them in planning.  The strong feeling was that a drop-in centre was needed, that had rules, but as little adult involvement as possible, with young people to be involved in the establishment of the centre.  The use of a private building was donated as both an interim solution and a trial to see how it would work.   This was an important first step and led community backing for the Westray Development Trust to build a centre, now known as the Hofn,  for the primary use of young people.  This was funded primarily by the Social Inclusion Fund, with other smaller funds used for furniture and equipment, transport and operating costs.   The building opened for use in September 2000 with a disco and official opening marking the occasion.  The building is owned by the Westray Development Trust.

The Hofn is well recognised as a community asset, with considerable value to our young folk and their families in assisting the transition to independence.   Its primary users are those in the S1-S4 age group, with new users becoming involved each year.  With the move of trust offices to the neighbouring unit and the upgrade of the building and facilities in 2013 it is expected that the Hofn will also continue to be used as a community meeting venue.