Changes to articles of association

At the AGM, members agreed that more time was needed to discuss the proposed changes to the articles of association.  A separate EGM will therefore be called for this.

The articles of association needed to be changed in order to ensure they fitted with charity legislation that had been put in place since the Memorandum and Articles of association were first adopted.  It was also proposed to include additional charitable goals, to make sure that the trust could support all the charitable activity that was required in Westray.  The proposed changes had been checked by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator and were acceptable to them, but needed member approval.

Proposed new articles of association

The current governing document of WDT is out of date in terms of the Companies Act 2006, and the proposed document will bring the company in line with this Act.  Members will have received a copy of the proposed articles and an explanation of the main changes.   There will be opportunity to ask questions and discuss this at the AGM on 28th November, when the Trust Directors will seek the agreement of members to the changes.  The proposed new Articles of Association September 2013 can be downloaded by clicking the link.

AGM, membership, new directors and PEG members

All current members of WDT should now have received their information packs for the AGM, which includes the Annual Report.   The official date for the WDT AGM is now November 28th. This will be held in the Old Kirk from 7.00 pm.

All other permanently occupied households on Westray will also have got a letter that includes a membership application form, and information about becoming either a board member or a PEG member, and nomination forms for this.  Extra copies of the Annual Report are now in the shops.

If you have any questions about being a trust director, Project Evaluation Group member, or just a member of the trust, please contact the trust office.