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Superfast Broadband

Please follow the link which estimates the extent of the superfast broadband being offered to Westray Pieorwall broadband map. The highlighted roads constitute approx 1km range from the fibre cabinet being installed in the village. There will be some residual benefit for those living between 1km and 1.5 km from the cabinet. There will be no benefit for those living any further away.

The broadband service is a subscription service and should cost no more than your current service. Speeds of up to 25mbps should be experienced within the 1km range and up to 10mbps between 1km and 1.5km.

Ideally the Trust would like to be able to speak with BT, who are tasked with laying out the new network and advise them of how many households would be interested in taking up the superfast broadband offer, using this information to try and push for an extended service.

If you are considering taking up the offer of superfast broadband, are in the region of the lines shown on the map and you wouldn’t mind letting the Trust know, could you please? We don’t need names and addresses etc.