Other assets

Westray Development Trust, on behalf of the community, also owns a number of other assets including:

  • land at Gallowhill (with part of this bunded and currently leased out)Westray Development Trust Community Turbine
  • the access road to the community wind turbine at Gallowhill, and the land on which the turbine stands.
  • a small turbine at the Kalisgarth Care Centre that provides power to the centre.  Income from this turbine is passed to Friends of Kalisgarth, to help them further the charitable work that benefits Kalisgarth residents and other users of the centre.


  • land at Sand of Gill (picnic and parking area)Quoygrew archaeological site
  • WDT also helped facilitate the consolidation of the Quoygrew archaeological site
  • A small turbine at the Hofn centre.