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New Operations Manager

The Trust is pleased to announce that in April 2014 Andy Makin, commenced working as the new Operations Manager for WDT.

Andy spent 27 years in the Royal Navy, initially as a communications specialist before transferring jobs and spending the last 15 of his career delivering community projects for the families of serving Sailors and Royal Marines across the United Kingdom. Andy attended the University of Glasgow, studying Community Development and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts with Merits in 2010.

Since leaving the navy in 2013, Andy spent a year with Shapinsay Development Trust, leaving only for the security of a more permanent position with WDT.

With Andy joining the team the Trust aims to keep the office open, as much as possible, between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday. So if you have any questions about the Trust or just want to have a discussion about any aspect of Trust business, then please pop by.