Directors & Staff List

Westray Development Trust Board

Andrew Seatter (Chair)

Douglas Leslie (Vice Chair)

Phillip Bews (Treasurer)

Louis Pottinger ( Secretary)

Bill Turnbull

Helen Bain

Gill McEwen

Anne Burgher

Julian Barnett

Alan Flint (Advisor)

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Westray Renewable Energy Ltd

Wullie Bain (Chair)

Phillip Bews (Vice Chair)

Liz Drever (Secretary)

Sam Harcus

Jimmy Stout

David Hutchinson

Andrew Seatter

Project Evaluation Group

Wullie Bain (Chair)

Bill Turnbull

Louis Pottinger

Liz Drever

Steven Bain

Peter Brown

Office Staff

Julian Barnett (Operations Manager)

Janice Kirkness (WRE Administration & Finance Officer)

Margo Makin (WDT Administration & Finance Officer)

Clare Lucas (Administration Assistant)

Isobel Thompson (Project Officer)

Angela Muir (Cleaner)

Project Team Members

Mark Dickinson (Food Miles Project Lead Gardener)

Clare Lucas (Assistant Gardener)

Benny Norquoy (Assistant Gardener)

Angela Muir (Home Help Scheme)

Alaya Christie (Home Help Scheme)

Edith Costie (Hofn Youth Support)

Lena Pottinger (Hofn Youth Support)

Sally Dickinson (Hofn Youth Support)

Theresa Sandison (Hofn Youth Support)