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Hofn Timetable

From week beginning 31st January 2022, the Hofn will return to its usual opening schedule.

MondayPrivate BookingsPrivate Bookings
Tuesday6.30pm – 9.30pmAll youth S1 to 17 years (alternating with youth club)*
WednesdayPrivate BookingsPrivate Bookings
Thursday6.30pm – 9.30pmS1 and S2 only
Friday3.15pm – 10.30pmAll youth (S1 to 17 years)
Saturday6.00pm – 10.30pmS3 to 17 years only
SundayPrivate BookingsPrivate Bookings
*The Hofn will be closed on alternative Tuesdays when the Westray Senior Youth Club is on in order to encourage youth attendance.
On weeks when there is no Youth Club e.g. school holidays the Hofn will be open on a Tuesday.

The Hofn is a drop-in youth centre. It is not staffed but Youth Support are available on call (see rota in the Hofn) to unlock and lock the Hofn and deliver spot checks among other duties. Youth using the Hofn remain the responsibility of their parents at all times. It is up to parents to ensure their children follow Hofn rules in addition to setting their own rules for behaviour.

Below you will find a list of Hofn rules and the conditions of use. This has been updated to include the steps needed to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission when using the Hofn. It is vital for the safety of Hofn users, their families, and the wider Westray community that these are followed at all times and we do not become complacent in the face of the very real threat that COVID-19 continues to pose.

It is essential that if a Hofn user or a member of their household has COVID-19 symptoms that they follow Scottish Government guidance and stay home and arrange a COVID-19 test. Do not attend the Hofn if you or a member of your family has COVID-19 symptoms or you have been contacted by track & trace.

As part of our COVID-19 measures, the Hofn Youth Support will be cleaning touchpoints in the Hofn at the beginning and end of a Hofn Youth Session, there will also be regular drop-ins to check that all is well. There will also be signage around the Hofn as a reminder. As it has always been the case, parents remain responsible for their children when they are using the Hofn and should ensure that their children understand the Hofn rules included and also set their own additional ground rules for behaviour. If Hofn rules are not being followed, or if the threat of COVID-19 increases within our community we may need to once again temporarily close the Hofn.

Track & trace will be in place at the Hofn. Hofn users are expected to sign in using the individual slips provided. The slip will ask for the following details; name, date, time in, time out, address, and contact number. We ask parents to please ensure that these slips are completed for every youth session attended and that your child has the information required e.g. contact number to be able to complete sign in & out. These slips will be kept for 21 days and then destroyed.