Food Miles to Food Smiles Project

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Westray sits at the very edge of the Orkney archipelago and so as a result also sits at the end of a very long wholesale supply chain for fruit and vegetables.

The Westray Food Miles to Food Smiles project aims to produce affordable fresh fruit and vegetables here on Westray for the local community and beyond. In order to achieve this goal, the project is currently in a two-year study phase. The study is working to gather information on crop varieties and their behaviour in different growing mediums/structures over an extended growing season using combinations of heat and light through renewable energy sources. The information gathered during this study will be used to determine the physical structure and scale of a commercial operation which will supply Westray and potentially export to the Mainland Orkney distributors.

Currently, produce from the Garden Project arrives in the Westray shops on a Monday and a Thursday/Friday. In Pierowall village you can find our produce at WI Rendalls or J.C. Tullocks and further afield you can find our produce at Peter Miller’s Shop also known as ‘Skello Shop’ in Rapness.

Running the Food Miles to Food Smiles Project; 

Andy Makin: Operations Manager

Mark Dickinson: Lead Gardener

Clare Lucas: Assistant Gardner

Benny Norquoy: Assistant Gardener


Latest News

Don’t forget you can Compost our Plant-based plastic packaging as it’s 100% biodegradable! The same goes for our plant pots (made using recycled plastic bottles) and our plastic mulch sheeting – all of it can be composted. The garden and tunnels are also peat free and entirely organic

For regular updates of the garden’s progress follow the Westray Community Garden Project Facebook Page. 

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