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Bargain Box Grant

Purpose & Eligibility

Concerns later followed by lockdown restrictions in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic required the temporary closure of the Westray Bargain Box as of 16th March 2020. It is recognised that as a result the ability of Westray’s community groups to fundraise has been severely restricted. This poses particular difficulty for community groups with ongoing costs they are required to finance. Examples of ongoing costs include but are not limited to staff wages, insurance, or utility bills.

The average amount fundraised by a community group in a Bargain Box week (2 days) has been calculated to be £260, therefore that is the maximum amount a group can apply for in this grant. If your group needs more than £260 you can apply for a community grant in the normal way. The community grants are evaluated by the Project Evaluation Group before being submitted to the WDT Board so take slightly longer.  

Westray community groups who are on the current Bargain Box rota affected by its closure can apply for this grant.  Applications should be submitted by a committee member of the community group who is able to act as a key contact for communication with WDT. 

Only groups who can evidence ongoing costs are eligible. Evidence could be a copy of the group’s accounts (detailing regular outgoings). 

If you have an questions or need advice on completing an application form please contact admin@westraydevelopmenttrust.co.uk

Bargain Box Grant Application – Word Format

Bargain Box Grant Application – PDF Format

You can find information on applying for a Community Grant by; clicking in the ‘Community Turbine: Grants & Loans’ tab followed by ‘Community, Entertainment & Education Grant Forms’.