WDT offices – “Unit 1”

With the business of WDT expanding, it was realised that the office that we had been very generously provided at the Westray Parish Kirk was becoming a little too small and so we started looking at possibilities for new office premises.

By March 2012 the trust had begun negotiations with the owner of Unit 1 on Quarry Road, and in May 2012 our offer was accepted and the deal was in the hands of lawyers.  As soon as we had possession, we started looking for contractors to carry out the works to transform the industrial space into new offices, and were pleased to be able to use a local builder for this.  It took some time before the new office was furnished, the stacks and stacks of paperwork transferred from the current office, boxes of old papers brought down from the attic and sorted, and the office back to normal, but by the beginning of October 2012 phones and internet had been connected and staff were working from the new premises.   Just before Christmas 2012 the new sign for the door arrived and was put up.

Its now a much more welcoming space, so if you have any enquiries please come along and have a chat with the staff team – Andy Makin (Operations Manager) or Janice Rendall (AFO).

The office postal address is Unit 1, Quarry Road, Pierowall, Westray, KW17 2DF.