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High speed winds and our turbine

Not quite the 142mph winds that they were getting ‘doon sooth’ but the turbine at Gallowhill did read a maximum wind speed of 103mph and an average of 81mph at just after half seven this morning. Please bear in mind that this was the reading at the turbine which might mean it wasno quite as […]

Turbine Production for August

The turbine produced 169 MWhs in August which is around 25% of turbine capacity and a gross income of just under £24,000.  This is slightly down on the last two years production for the same period but is in line with normal production.

Turbine production

The turbine produced just over 208 MWhs in July which equates to 31% of its capacity and a gross income of just over £29,000. This is slightly more than was produced for the last two years but similar to that which was produced in the first year of production for the same period.